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Annually, hundreds and thousands of wild birds and small mammals get injured, become sick or emaciated, or die from natural causes. Natural causes are just that, natural - dead wildlife is food for other wildlife. Some people believe that humans should not interfere and that injured animals should be left alone for nature to take its course. Others believe that, as humans are often the reason birds get injured, then we should take responsibility.

This is the belief of Tzaneen Rehabilitation Centre. Many birds will not survive, but a few given a second chance may do so. In the case of rare or uncommon species, intervention may be advantageous to the species as a whole. The decision and the ethical arguments are your own. If you are a falconer or passionate about birds of prey and other wildlife species, your judgement will be affected by that passion.

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Environmental Mission

Our environmental mission is to conserve nature by:

  • Rehabilitating and releasing rehabilitated injured birds, small mammals, reptiles and birds of prey back to the wild.
  • Studying and monitoring wildlife populations.
  • Encouraging positive habitat stewardship through increased public environmental awareness.
  • Filming projects and installing “nest cams” to further our knowledge about wild breeding populations and their nesting habits.
  • Educate rural communities in regard to the value of wildlife and the role they play in the wild by assisting our local SPCA and other wildlife organisations.
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